Grains of Knowledge

National Dairy Month: Milk’s Journey from Farm to Table

Got milk?!  The answer is a resounding “yes!” from American families.  Approximately 212,436,000,000 pounds of milk were produced in the U.S. in 2016 according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), adding that milk consumption has consistently increased since 2009. For most of us, the journey to get our milk (and other dairy products) is a short one; it begins at the grocery store and ends at your kitchen table. What you don’t see is everything that happens before the milk ever gets to the grocery store.   It’s quite a journey! June is National Dairy Month, and we want […]

WesCom Farm – expanding our family

Westfield Insurance is pleased to introduce three new states joining our WesCom Farm family — Arizona, Colorado and Wisconsin. As of May 2, agents in those states are able to enter, quote and submit farm policies directly from our system.

How to control your workers’ compensation experience modifications

Experience modifications rating factors (EMRs) are premium adjustments that modify your premium positively or negatively based on your own loss experience. Rating bureaus calculate a modification applied to a premium based on the information reported by the insurance company. This information consists of payroll and loss information for the past three full years.

Agritainment – What’s the Issue?

In today’s agricultural scene, farmers have become creative in finding new ways to earn income in addition to the traditional farming practices of growing crops or raising livestock. One of those supplemental avenues is called agritainment, which is also known as agritourism.

Five ways to reduce the risk of a combustible dust explosion

The ingredients for grain dust explosion are common in a farm environment: fuel (the dust), oxygen — which suspends the dust in the air — and an ignition source. All three ingredients can be found in grain elevators or feed mills. But the ignition source of most explosive fires is material handling equipment, such as legs and conveyors.

Four Tips to Stay Safe at Harvest Time

It’s harvest time and all of your hard work has finally come to fruition. But as the days get shorter and you rush to get crops in during the harvest window, it can be tempting for you and your employees to cut corners.

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