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Welcome to Westfield’s’ AgriBusiness Division

We may be new to blogging, but we’ve been in business since 1848!  With 162 years of insurance expertise, we intend to use this venue as a place to share our thoughts on insurance and agricultural industry trends and happenings, farm and commercial agribusiness insurance policy structure, information on specific types of farms and agribusinesses, resources for greater learning and much more!  With that being said, welcome to the Westfield Insurance AgriBusiness Division blog, we hope that you make us a favorite on your web browser!

To help you get a feel for who we are and what we’re all about, below is a list of the “Top 5 Ways We Focus on Agribusiness” here at Westfield Insurance.

Top 5 Ways We Focus on AgriBusiness:

  1. Our staff of 36 employees have a combined tenure of 481 years working for Westfield, the vast majority of those years have been spent in our ag department
  2. Speaking of staff, many of them grew up on farms or have developed a strong adulthood connection to agriculture. Some of the industries we have personal expertise in include: Swine & Hog operations, Mill & Elevators, Grain Farming, Equine and Dairies.
  3. Because of our long average tenure and personal expertise, we have a very collaborative spirit within our teams. This helps us to learn from one another and provide better service to our customers.
  4. To build deeper knowledge of our clients, we rely heavily on three sources: 1.) Independent Agents who work directly with Westfield policyholders, 2.) Westfield Loss Control Specialists; and 3.) Our Underwriters who focus on meeting with some of their policyholders each year.
  5. To follow trends in agriculture, we keep abreast of the latest news by subscribing to industry publications, attending industry tradeshows & seminars and becoming members of specific trade associations.

As you read the posts we share in the future, we’d like to welcome your questions and comments as this will help us to provide meaningful content to our readers!