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From Jesuit Priests to Milk Mustaches—June is National Dairy Month

In 1679 Jesuit priests brought dairy cattle to missionaries in California and milk has been a staple of the American diet ever since.

Abundant Choices:                                            

Milk is nutritious at any age, but sometimes what type of milk can be confusing.

  • Whole milk is the suggested choice for toddlers between one and two years old because they need the extra fat from whole milk in their diets for nerve and brain development.
  • Low-fat milk (1% or 2%) is great for those age 2 to 102 because it offers the benefit of the nutrients without the fat found in whole milk.
  • Fat-free milk (skim) is for people who want milk but with fewer calories and fat. For those who are unsure about fat-free/skim milk, but you want to lower your calorie/fat intake, try “super skim milk,” which has the low-calorie/fat count similar to regular skim milk but with a thicker consistency and a taste similar to 2% milk.
  • Organic milk is a good option for people who want milk from cows who have been raised and cared for in accordance with organic standards, and you can usually find organic 2%, 1%, and skim milk.
  • Lactose-free milk is a perfect solution for those who are lactose intolerant meaning their body is intolerant to a naturally occurring sugar in milk. Lactose-free milk is a great way to benefit from the nutrients in milk without many of the side-effects of regular milk.

Not a Milk Fan?

If you aren’t on the milk mustache train, there are many other dairy options such as cheese and yogurt. Low-fat cheese and yogurt provide some of the same benefits as milk as they contain calcium and nutrients.

Westfield’s Dairy Roots

In 1919, Westfield purchased a 51 acre dairy, and just a few years later the dairy sold a Jersey Bull named Sybil’s Gamboge for $65,000. Eventually the pasture was converted into a golf course and the old dairy barn was converted into what is now known as the Blair Center.

Smith Dairy Spotlight

Smith-DairySmith Dairy got its start in 1909 when John and Peter Schmid bought City Dairy in Orrville, Ohio for $800. Fairly quickly, the business grew, changed its name to Smith Dairy, and eventually settled on North Vine Street, which is still the location of the production facility today.

Smith Dairy offers an array of dairy products including milk (vitamin D, 2%, 1%, skim, chocolate, buttermilk, and whipping cream), cottage cheese, sour cream and dips, and several ice cream products under both the Smith and Ruggles names. Some of the flavors of their premium ice cream include seasonal flavors such as Orange Pineapple, Peach Cobbler, and Red Velvet Cake and available-all-year flavors such as Salty Caramel, Moose Tracks, and Birthday Cake.

Tell us how you are going to celebrate National Dairy Month. We would love to hear from you!

Additional Information

This post was written by Amber Hockman, an Intern in our Agribusiness Division.