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Driving Growth with Technology: Artificial Intelligence on the Farm

The following is the second post in a three-part series on farming and agribusiness technology. The series offers an overview on how farming tech advancements, such as artificial intelligence and satellite imagery, can improve agribusiness operations.

 Artificial Intelligence or maybe you call them robots have arrived in almost every walk of life. What they mean for you, the farmer and in turn everyone’s grocery bill is quite remarkable.

Rise of the Robots?

Not really. Artificial Intelligence focuses on creating smart machines to learn, analyze and maximize tasks normally requiring human intelligence.

So no, robots are not going to take over the world like the Terminator but they will streamline many processes including on the farm.

Robots will free up time by cutting redundant processes out of your schedule so you can focus on other operations.

CONCLUSION: AI can save you time and resources!

Robot Farm


How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact my Operation?

With global food demand expected to increase 39% by 2050, according to one Cornell professor, you will need all the time and resources you can muster.

Farmers will need to develop faster, advanced methods of farming in order to feed the growing population. And this is where our robotic friends come into play:

Tools, like FarmShots, use the power of satellite imagery and AI to develop powerful analyses. FarmShots uses satellite and drone technology to capture images of crop fields, and uses AI to analyze the findings. These analyses are then used to help farmers make more informed decisions about their crop operations.

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