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Grain Bin Technology: Saving Lives

When a non-farmer thinks grain bins, their mind probably goes to driving through the countryside and seeing the sun shine off giant metal silos. To a farmer, these “silos” can also be viewed as a death trap. But thanks to new grain bin technology, these deaths can be minimized and may be prevented all together.


Grain Entrapment: The Human Toll

When you are lowered into a silo, are you tethered to an escape system with an observer watching? Last year, 18 deaths occurred due to grain entrapment partly because these OSHA rules were not followed. Grain Bin Technology

And the toll is not limited to the head of a farm; the average age of those killed is eleven, just eleven years old. Inexperienced farmhands tend to be the individual responsible for cleaning silos.


Tips for Prevention

As a farmer, you may already have procedures on how to safely navigate grain bin cleaning. So here are a few reinforcing points to stay safe.

  1. Store grain at 14 percent or less moisture.
  2. Store in tight bins.
  3. Always have an observer utilize a safety harness.
  4. Do not enter a silo if machinery is running.


Flexwave: Grain Bin Technology

While all these tips will help prevent accidents, there is only one sure fire way to eliminate accidents. . . . Do not enter a silo! So what happens when you need to clean them out? Here’s how you can make this happen safely. Flexwave video

Enter Flexwave®. This technology is revolutionizing the unload process by providing complete, zero-entry cleanout of silos. In 6 steps, you will be able clean your silos with no exposed mechanical components. Even better, no need for perforated floors, which means more capacity!

Seem too good to be true? Check out this video to learn more about FlexWave®.

Technology on the farm has many benefits but we can all agree the most important benefit is its use in protecting the lives of you, your family and your employees.

For the latest in protecting your farm, contact an agent today!